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As a process directed at organisational improvement, Organization Development is commonly known to be the practice of changing people and organisations for positive growth.  It is about the behaviours, actions and performance of people to ensure, maintain and sustain the Health system of their organisation.

Organization Development helps all types of organisations by:
*Improving internal communication
*Empowering leaders and individual employees
*Creating a culture of continuous improvement.........

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TALENT Development

Talent development in general, focuses on the planning, selection and implementation of development strategies for the entire talent pool to ensure that the organisation has both the current and future supply of talent to meet strategic objectives and that development activities are aligned with organisational talent management processes. To ensure Talent Development, our learning solutions at Insolitus, are designed to meet the strategic aims of our clients’ business and for every participant to leave feeling their needs have been met........ Know More



As a Transformation and Personal Development Coach I facilitate my client’s positive change and growth using my coaching knowledge and personal development /accountability skills. I have a strong call to action and very passionate about personal accountability; so these drive my coaching philosophy when working with leaders and businesses to bring about positive change.

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A company can only become great by hiring great people and Best Recruits , the recruitment arm of Insolitus is focused on helping clients to achieve this. We help employees get the best candidate for their vacant positions by matching their dynamics and the career opportunity with our candidate. We focus on our clients and their objectives, identify cost and time savings.

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