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Oscar Wilde once said: “The aim of life is self-development”. It means we cannot stop improving ourselves, because development brings about improvement. Nuggets on Self Developmentdemonstrates how you can do this daily through basic and simple action ideas that can help you make better choices in different areas of your life. Nuggets of Self Development  will show you how to: 
  • Cope with change
  • Motivate yourself through your mind
  • Choose the right attitude
  • Be Personally Accountable
  • Network today
  • Keep your customers through Service excellence
  • These and more are nuggets that ought to be taken one at a time since the book calls for some simple practical things.

•Available on-line at Amazon or Banes and Noble
•Also available at Terra Kulture, TamiuSavage VI –N 2000 or call 0803 402 5549 for your copy