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Coaching @ Insolitus

As a Transformation and Personal Development Coach I facilitate my client’s  positive change and growth using my coaching knowledge and personal development /accountability skills.

I have a strong call to action and very passionate about personal accountability; so these drive my coaching philosophy when working with leaders and businesses to bring about positive change.

My extensive work with leaders and leadership behaviours gave me adequate experience and exposure in creating leaders from managers by creating self-awareness and understanding their status quo, identifying where they should be as leaders and strategizing on how to get there. These are reinforced by self-development action plans and feedback hinged on personal accountability to create sustainable positive change for the individual and the business.

As an author, my clients also get a copy of my book: Nuggets of Self-Development

Results achieved


Worked with the Executive Director/DMD of an organisation on leadership effectiveness towards better organisational effectiveness. This resulted in more robust systems and processes for the organisation, reduced staff attrition, enhanced operational excellence, business growth and a more cohesive management team..


The CEO of a profitable “multi-business” company needed to define and understand what his company actually did – as it seemed to be “Jack of all trades and master of none”. Working  with him resulted in development of the company’s corporate philosophy; definition of its core business; harmonization of its services  and  Strategic Direction and action plans in alignment with its vision and mission